Our Ideas In Action

Over the past couple of years Impression Works have worked tirelessly to get a few key projects launched. Now those projects are growing by leaps and bounds making an impact on several industries and countless lives.


Mobile Job Force

THE IDEA? Empower job-seekers and job-managers to find eachother with little effort using technology.

No more paper. No more overload on emails. Just sign in, look through the applications, and talk to applicants within minutes. Mobile Job Force offers a number of solutions to all recruitment needs, empowering the work force and employers.

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Mobile Job Force

In 2012 Impression Works successfully launched Mobile Job Force (MJF), a mobile application that helps connect job seekers to job managers with an innovative iOS and Android application. With hundreds of clients and thousands of users, MJF is now helping place people in great jobs across many different industries. Construction companies, restaurant franchises and grocery store chains are now benefiting from the MJF Force recruiting and hiring platform.

Mobile Job Force is planning to expand its offering outside of Baton Rouge, to a statewide and ultimately a national offering.

Revenue forecasts are up in 2015 with strategic contracts with Alliance Safety Council and Go Build America. MJF is now the preferred job application tracking system for businesses across many different industries. Partnerships such as those with Associated Grocery, Louisiana Restaurant Association, and payroll service providers have further expanded the territory and offerings. Through its international partners in Cape Town, South Africa, Impression Works will be offering MJF as an international platform for hiring and recruiting in sub-Saharan Africa.